In this module, we will learn about the different methods of getting help in R. Often we get stuck while doing some analysis as either we do not know the correct function to use or its syntax. It is important for anyone who is new to R to know the right place to look for help. There are two ways to look for help in R:

  • built in help system
  • online

In the first section, we will look at various online resources and in the second section, we will explore the various ways to access the built in help system of R. Let us get started!

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a great place to visit if you are having trouble with R code or packages. Chances are high that someone has already encountered the same or similar problem and you can use the answers given by R experts. In case you have encountered a new problem or issue, you can ask for help by providing a reproducible example of your analysis along with the R code. Use the reprex package to create reproducible examples.

R Bloggers

R Bloggers aggregates blogs written in English from across the globe. This is the first place you want to visit if you want help with R, data analysis, visualization and machine learning. There are blogs on a wide range of topics and the latest content is delivered to your inbox if you subscribe. If you are a blogger yourself, share it with the R community by adding your blog to R Bloggers.